A New Way for Parents to Stay in the Loop with CCISD

A New Way for Parents to Stay in the Loop with CCISD
Posted on 01/09/2017
school loopIn an effort to strengthen parent and guardian education and engagement opportunities, the Clear Creek Independent School District has introduced a new parent-based web series called “CCISD School Loop.” Each episode will feature a District representative who will dive deeper into important topics to help parents navigate through the school system with their students.

In the recently-published 2015-16 CCISD Community-Based Accountability Report, which is centered on criteria local residents identified as important to them, 36 percent of parents gave the District a “B” in the category of providing parent education opportunities to help parents work with children on academics. School Loop will be an accessible resource to strengthen these opportunities by covering everything from course selection and graduation requirements to homework tips and digital citizenship.

In the first episode of School Loop, Tony Davila, the new director of parent assistance, introduces himself and his new role within the District. He also touches on a few tips and tools parents can utilize when helping students with studying or homework.

Through this new web-series, Clear Creek ISD continues to strive toward achieving one of its key strategies of “ensuring mutual understanding and support through effective communication” by providing district-level support on areas of concern with parents in a more efficient way.

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