Victory Lakes Intermediate Unveils Revamped Library

Victory Lakes Intermediate Unveils Revamped Library
Posted on 10/14/2016
Victory Lakes Library

Look through the big, open windows that line Victory Lakes Intermediate’s revamped library – there’s a steady buzz of activity coming from every corner.

It’s nearly an everyday occurrence to see the library filled with students from all different classes and grade levels at the school.

Students studying math can be found huddled around large touch screen computer monitors practicing equations together, science students gather in groups around the library’s large, movable tables conducting experiments, and an entire class is spread out among chairs in the center of the large, open room discussing their latest reading assignment.

There’s even a quiet section called the Kiva, where students can escape from the hustle and bustle and journey to another world inside a book.

“Libraries are more than just a storage room for books,” said Katrina Zannier, Victory Lakes Intermediate’s librarian. “It’s a place where they can ask questions through various digital tools – learning occurs everywhere and everything is interconnected.”

The library is the heart of the school; a hub for collaboration and learning – a growing trend among libraries all across the Clear Creek Independent School District.

“Students are owning their own learning and that’s what we want,” Zannier said.

Students like Dalton Russo, a seventh-grader at Victory Lakes Intermediate, and member of the school’s library advisory group.

“We want kids to be excited to come to the library,” Dalton Russo said.

The library, which opened this school year, is designed to encourage collaborative learning. Campus leaders spent considerable time redesigning the library to be an open space, Principal Adam Douglas said, but Zannier was at the heart of planning the project.

In recent years, several other Clear Creek ISD campuses have begun rearranging their libraries to have the same kind of open, inviting feel.

Students flock to the library before classes start each morning filling the café-style seats working on homework and working on assignments together.

The library is also home to a “MakerSpace,” which is a spot where students gather to experiment with different forms of technology – such as creating a foil piano keyboard that plays notes or coding computer games.

Through all of the changes, the library still very much remains a place that promotes literacy, Zannier said.

“It’s a place for everyone,” she said. 

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